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At St. Thomas Church of England Primary School 
we believe in traditional values in a modern world.

We Believe in:
Good Manners
Caring for other People
"Old fashioned things"
such as 
Learning Tables and Spelling
Each child reading at home regularly
We believe that 
"Every child has the right to the very best possible education"

We do NOT accept that any child's unacceptable behaviour should
affect the education of other children

Code of Good Behaviour

School Achievement Award

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Headteacher: Mr. Barry Foster
Chair of Governors: Steve Tipton
St. Thomas C.E. Primary School
Astley Street, Leigh.
Lancashire. WN7 2AS
Tel 01942 672730
Your call will initially be taken by one of our office staff
(Miss Thorpe, Mrs O'Connor, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Costello)
at certain times of day it may be answered by our children doing office duty.

e-mail : enquiries@admin.leighsaintthomas.wigan.sch.uk

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